IN THE WOODS (3. — 11. June) is a program within the framework of our art-related practice here in Gunehar. Like every program we have created so far, this too is a wholesome practical experiment, a presentation of contemporary arts and art practice with the aim of demonstrating artistic processes to a broad public, especially those not exposed to arts in their everyday lives, and document the effects of such exposure.

IN THE WOODS takes you to an open space, together with painter/collagist Gaurvi Sharma and ceramist/sculpturer Mudita Bhandari, who are exhibiting a broad retrospective of their work in the woods above Gunehar. With a supporting program consisting of work-shops, discussion sessions, direct intervention etc., both artists will open up their vast knowledge to the public.

The exhibition will be documented on this site, as well as through our ‘E-Book in Progress’, an evolving organic documentation of the project. The final result of this, edited by writer, poet and journalist Rohini Kejriwal, will be a downloadable as well as printable coffee table book, somewhere in-between an exhibition catalogue and a book of stories about the exhibition, the hills, the village, the people and the elements.

IN THE WOODS is organised and facilitated by The 4tables Project and Frank Schlichtmann, who is the ‘man for all’ on the field, responsible also for the accompanying art installations on the site.