Sultana Zana

I study networks. So the question is- what is the borderline of a network? Or are networks borderlines of space? And then the question arises – what is space? Can space be divided?

17th May 2019

Day 2_ The vapour of the concept is condensing on these hills

I found my research site today.

Sultana Zana

Multi-media Installation

Before she chose to study art, Sultana Zana had done formal research in nanotechnology and followed it up with a BTech in Electronics and Instrumentation. So it is hardly surprising that her proposal for SAAS-3 states that to her, the human-nature conflict “is a conflict of geometries”. To prove her point, Zana intends to take us into the “worlds within the worlds”, ie. underneath the soil of the surrounding forests, studying and documenting the speed and scale of biological transformations. At the same time, using Google Maps, she intends to gain an aerial perspective of forms and shapes at the intersection between habited and inhabited land. Working with the mathematical ideas of separations and geometries used to create these, like lines, maps and isolating systems, Zana says she is obsessed with networks, communication and perception in nature, and exploring the planetary scale human-nature conflict: “the conflict of logic, geometry and form”.