Amritah Sen

Graphic Narrative

An alumni of Kala Bhavan, Shaniniketan, Amritah Sen is primarily trained as a painter, but found herself leaving the constraints of two-dimensional format once she became conscious of “a great barrier” between works she create for galleries and exhibitions, and the viewer. Amritah loves to tell stories, so she started creating books, which needed to be “handled personally to be revealed at their fullest”. By “taking down (her) work from gallery walls”, Amritah was able to place her work directly in the hands of the audience.

In Gunehar during SAAS-3, Amritah intends to create a series of picture books, news bulletins and posters, dealing with narratives gathered in the village, and in this way provide an “experience of encountering – and holding – one’s own narratives”.

Day 10

The first ten days at Gunehar was all about trying to get in harmony with the place. There were multiple emotions passing by, loads of options open and then to choose one from them was a task. To get synchronized with a very different kind of landscape (which is breathtakingly beautiful) and lifestyle was primarily important.

Figuring out the spot where I will finally work, gradually shaped what I wanted to do.
Interesting is, each one got a venue that is different from other, and for me, this was a very important point. I am sharing my spot with another artist, and that is a house under construction. The stark open brick walls made me think of making a complete installation with images.
I am working on the subtle process of ‘crossing the line’s. It is about crossing the line between dream and real life, between fantasy and reality, even crossing the line between the sensible and weird. I am visualising the space to be filled up with overpowering imageries and text asking you to dare to cross boundaries to reach your wish/dream.