The 4tables Cafe in Bir (Gunehar Village) is a meeting point for lovers of contemporary fusion cuisine, the Arts and reflective conversation. It has by now become a destination for food-lovers from across India. 

Located 4 km away from the Bir Tibetan Colony and 2 km from Upper Bir, this is not a typical walk-in restaurant but a place where you are part of our home. Every dish is cooked fresh, using the best possible ingredients and served out of our home kitchen on our terrace overlooking the Gunehar Valley.

The cafe is the center of all the activities of the 4tables Project and the venue of many of our cultural activities such as music concerts, film screenings etc.. It also houses our gallery of modern arts, the Gunehar Art Gallery.

The 4tables Cafe & Gallery
Gunehar Village
Kangra Valley, HP 176077

India +91-9736580963