Uniquely and artistically (self-) designed tents, set in the middle of the fields of Gunehar Village, Camp In The Fields by 4tables puts you right in the middle of rural, agrarian India, being part in the seasons, watching farmers tending to their fields and growing their crops, from rice in monsoon to wheat and burley in winters. Away from the hustle-bustle of mainstream tourism, our unique camping site in Bir- located in Gunehar Village- allows you to immerse yourself in nature while still being part of our 4tables family and with direct access to our cafe and art gallery, as well as our beautiful village.

FUN FACT: the major part of the camp was build with recycled, left-over construction material from our art exhibition, IN THE WOODS-2. You can find a link to ITW-2 here.

Camp in the Fields by 4tables
Gunehar Village
Kangra Valley, HP 176077

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