The Gunehar Art Gallery in Bir (Gunehar Village) showcases works, or fragments thereof, by contemporary artists who have been part of the 4tables Project’s two flagship art events, ShopArt ArtShop (editions 1-3) and IN THE WOODS (1+2). More a museum than a gallery of saleable artefacts, it is spread out through the entire cafe space and an extra hall, which has been converted into a modern art gallery. The gallery takes the visitor through the history of the previous 4tables art events and into the minds and concepts of the participating artists.

The Gallery/Museum is not only compelling for art lovers with an awareness of contemporary, conceptual art, but also for those interested in finding out more about the numerous artists, from a multitude of disciplines, who have gone through the ShopArt ArtShop process. It also provides a great opportunity for students of art and design to comprehend, through the works of different artists, contemporary art practice.

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