Pramila Choudhary

Pramila Choudhary 

Fashion & Textiles

Throughout the ages, fashion has been a major indicator of social change, and an often bitter source of conflict.

A sustainable textile and fashion designer, and a researcher and design educator trained in India and Switzerland, Pramila Choudhary’s work has been “a constant effort to create dialogue where people are part of design, art or installation”. At SAAS-3, Pramila intends to take a close look at local fashion trends over the years in an attempt to determine how fashion boundaries have shifted, document these changes, and in experimental sessions with locals and visitors, develop a public art installation to encourage the questioning of “influence, ingredients, instruments and inspiration”.


Survived, Enjoyed and Now become part of Life in Gunehar!! 

I was the last one to reach on 15th May’19 morning, strangely all the artist and Frenk  (One who feed us amazing home cooked food with his team, take care of us, show us love and pull us back when we start flying no where, to show us our forgotten path!!) along with Sue ( Our amazing blog writer, motivator many caps she is wearing , we totally love her!!) waiting and looking at me, as I have to talk about after a non stop travelling, night at airport to a audience that what I am planning for the Residency!! I am not sure weather they got what I was talking, my conscious and subconscious both minds were guiding that talk!! Never mind hope they all now get it what I am trying to do in Gunehar !!

I have been to many villages before this one, stayed there, worked there. But this time it was special, how easily everyone is openly welcoming us and making part of their life as if we live there from a long time.

Here to learn about forgotten traditions, culture and urban terms ‘Learning about Fashion’ in this setting. There are so many overlaps, searching about generation who have been wearing their tradition on their arms and heart!! But surprisingly new generation is carrying in their heart too, so what they are changing with moderne time, influences and need as well.

Along with Pooja Dee, we are exploring local fashion with these found fashion fragments form a local tailor shops.

Interestingly, all age group here is super self sustainable, growing food, cutting, storing, some time I saw people building houses and structures with local materials. Storing wool from their sheeps, making yarn and couple of them can weave Pattu for their use while they go far away to rare their livestock.

Found fragments collected from local tailor shop.


Amazing humans of Shop.Art.Art.Shop, full of energy, hands on, cook, mend, weave, making mud floors, you name it they can do anything and everything possible, keeping their Fashion constant in all roles!!

We have got broken and closed doors, we repaired, mend and open the doors for people to welcome for SAAS-3 from 15th May to 15 June’19, come and witness new ways of finding and look at Contemporary art in India, you will love it!!



Girl Power !!! No I am not talking about feminism or anything for that matter for gender base. I have came across strongest, full of energy, and versatile personalities from 5 year old to 101 year old women of Gunher!! Wearing Nuvachani, (A garment local Gaddhi people are adorning) Wrapping Pattu’s, (Thakurs and other communities wearing the same) , frocks, jeans, salwar kameez to shorts!! Clothing does not defined their occupation or their belief in their culture and traditions. All Matters here is to get work done happily and put examples for each other!!