In 2013, a burned down house in the middle of our village, Gunehar, was selected as venue for one of the 12 conceptual art projects for the inaugural edition of our art event, ShopArt ArtShop. What started as an architecture/art installation by Frank Schlichtmann, was further developed into a 4-rooms boutique hotel, the 4Rooms.

The 4Rooms was inaugurated in April 2014 after a year long, painstaking renovation in traditional style and with traditional materials by village artisans. The story of the renovation, as it appeared in the media, can be read here.

The 4Rooms is located in the heart of the village.

For more information and details, GO TO THE 4ROOMS WEBSITE.

The 4Rooms Boutique Hotel
Gunehar Village
Kangra Valley, HP 176077

India +91-9736580963