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ShopArt ArtShop-3

Open residency: 15 May- 8 June, 2019
Gunehar Art Festival: 8 – 15 June, 2019

Gunehar Village, Kangra Valley, HP


ShopArtArtShop is a unique contemporary art event hosted triennially in the small village of Gunehar in the Indian Himalayas. Artists from across the country are invited to live in the village for a period of time and work in designated spaces (ArtShops) on projects they have submitted during a selection process. The work-process is completely open to public because we believe that for contemporary art to be fully appreciated, artistic processes must be transparent and comprehensible to the public.

Every edition of SAAS culminates in a final, week-long, village-wide art festival around the finished works of the artists and is accompanied by supplementary events including traditional ‘mela’ elements.


For us, Gunehar is not a mere backdrop, but essential to the concept of SAAS as a non-elitist art event with deep roots in community and public. We believe strongly that art needs to be presented in transparent and accommodating ways to be comprehensible and acceptable to a broad public indiscriminately. So for us, the village and villagers are our first line of co-cooperators, both as hosts of the event, as well as our primary appreciators and collaborators.

Participating Artists

Participating Artists